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PRECISE Why choose Precise Back-Flow & Drain Cleaning?

Precise Backflow and Drain Cleaning, Inc. is your Environmental friendly plumbing company

With 42 years in all phases of the plumbing trade. From many municipalities from cities and states protecting the plumbing codes.

Precise B&D, Inc. prioritize in the protection of the environment and especially our water systems. ' We all can help..'

Protecting the quality of our drinking water ,through engaging in the backflow program. Every year backflow assemblies are required to be tested and certified to ensure they are in proper working order. Ask your municipal water purveyors How you can help. A plus, the savings is tremendous.

Backflow prevention is a DEP / federally mandated program that requires the installation of backflow prevention device in the plumbing system assembled to protect the public's health from hazards. And must be maintained yearly to preventing the contamination or pollution of the municipal water supply system.

Why Choose Precise Back-Flow & Drain Cleaning? Affordable, Unbeatable rates  Established company  Exceptional value for money  Experienced & Dedicated staff  Fast, Effective & Safe services  Jobs completed on time, on budget  Protection of our precious environment & source of water Precise Back-Flow & Drain Cleaning Loves Protecting Your Drinking Water